Gun shot in Paris causes panic at Elysée Palace

Panic and confusion ensued at France’s presidential palace last week, when a gunshot was reportedly fired on the ground floor.

An advisor to President Hollande made a panicked call to state the Elysée Palace was under attack after hearing a gunshot located in the building.

After investigation it was found to be a false alarm with the gun fired by accident by one of the palace’s security guards.

No one was hurt and the president wasn’t in the Elysée at the time, however the stray bullet caused quite the commotion. Panic spread when the guard fired a bullet directly into an inside wall of the official residence.

On the second floor, the president’s advisors thought the building may have been under attack and immediately contacted the special security unit in charge of guarding the building.

After the situation was investigated panic subsided, while the security team tried to cover up the potentially lethal mishap by removing the bullet from the wall, without filing an accident report.

After the news leaked, several French papers took the chance to question the safety of President Hollande considering the fact his security team was able to fire a weapon accidentally.

Photo by Vostok 91

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