Secret adult entertainment in Paris for under €100

Théâtre Chochotte

★★★★☆ | €€ | 14 reviews

Theatre ChoChotte is based close to Metro St.Michel. A very nice and cosy location,During Daytime the guests are more or less male , a mixed crowd and you will find any age. Most of them will stay one or two sets of the rotating show.
A show – girl will dance and perform during two or three songs different songs , they do perform differnet styles and some of them are more or less exhibitionistic and daring.You will see a lesbian – show as well . Somethimes they do invite guests to perform with them on their stage ,- which is right in front of you. The seats are not very comfortable but you are close to the performancing ladies.

Le WE Club

★★★☆☆ | €€ | 22 reviews

4 Stores of entertainment. You get in for free if you are a girl or a couple. Single men have to pay. You get a free drink upon arrival. The rest will be paid when you leave. The place does feel fresh and well decorated. Naturally there are free condoms in every corner. You can place yourself in the bar, dance on the dance floor or go to another storey and get your naughty on. There are open spaces and slightly more secluded ones.
This is totally the place to go if you want to meet new people. I had an amazing time here. I felt like the men dared to join in, but that they would also totally respect a no. Which is the way it should be according to me.
Also, the people were just really nice even at the bar. Everybody was talking to everybody, even straight man to straight man. It was all very relaxed and lovely.

Moon City

★★★★☆ | €€ | 20 reviews

Nice Decor very friendly they speak English at the door complementary lockers and keys. Hot tubs are large lots of jets. Wet and dry sauna or awesome very relaxing and therapeutic. The bars serving complementary breve fridges water apple juice orange juice and Gatorade. There is also alcoholic beverages a glass of champagne for instants was five euros.

Le Mask Paris

★★★★☆ | €€ | 7 reviews

Fairly well dressed to this sex club with your partner, or you may not be allowed in. Women have to wear a dress or skirt. Now, you are kind of supposed to wear a mask here, but most don’t. Which I think is a shame, it would be much more fun if everyone wore masks. So please do! If you don’t have a mask in your wardrobe you can borrow one here. Loads of free candy and fruit! Really expensive drinks that you pay for when you leave. You are greeted by the staff when you enter. They will take your coat and the bar staff will ask for your name when you order your drinks. You will be shown around if it is your first visit. The place is in two storeys and it is very fresh and well decorated. Now, this is the place for you if you want to watch, be watched, have sex in close proximity to other people having sex or if you are a girl and you want to have sex with girls. Occasionally you might get to actually have sex with someone of the opposite sex, but do not count on it. They deserve 4 stars because it is a really good place.

Le Duplex

★★★☆☆ | €€ | 137 reviews

This club is so diverse! Races genders, and ages! We even heard some French trap music!  Love the fact that the price you pay to enter the club includes a drink at the bar!! The bar didn’t appear to have much variety but we did enjoy our free drinks. There are several dance floors in this place. They played a few American tunes but not many, and I found that refreshing. I didn’t come to France to hear an American radio station! The night clubs in Paris don’t appear to check ID so I saw ppl of all ages in there, from the young (does your mother know you’re here?) to the old (if my Ex wife could see me now!).  I had a great time. Nice French experience!

Private center – Club 88

★☆☆☆☆ | €€ | 3 reviews

I have one warning for everyone.. DO NOT GO HERE.. i had the unfortunate opportunity to visit this place. I got an ad of this place from my hotel reception flyers. I reached there around mid night and was greeted by a pretty old lady (around 48+) who asked me if i wanted a massage. She showed me the rates and it was 300 euros for a naturalistic massage. I opted for the same and parted with the money. She then took me down stairs and asked me to strip and lie down. Once I did, she returned with a credit card machine and told me that its 600 euros MORE for the massage and any other extra services. I said i already paid for the massage to which she said, that was the entrance fee and NOT the cost of the massage!!! I said I cannot pay the money. she returned with another old women and a couple of guys. I had to leave!!! i reported this to the hotel people and they took down the ads to the place..  

  • 88 rue saint Senis
    001 Paris
    FranceChâtelet/Les Halles, 1er
  •  Get Directions
  • Transit informationÉtienne Marcel and 2 more stations
  •  Phone number+33 1 44 82 63 00

Le Beverley

★★★☆☆ | €€ | 5 reviews

It was the chance of a lifetime to get to go to the last standing porn theatre in Paris – Le Beverley. The man who runs it made us very comfortable with his light-hearted ness and thoughtfulness, so we felt safe going in. He even gave me a free orange juice out of his own fridge since they don’t sell drinks. The films were hot, the audience was active yet respectful of the others watching and playing. 5 stars all the way! A highlight in life for sure!


★★★☆☆ | €€ | 11 reviews

(Translated from French)
Very nice club.
We there were for the first time this Sunday afternoon. The home was pleasant. We particularly appreciated clientele, quite well physically, from 30 to 55 years, married couples, and a few single men. May be we well fallen, or maybe y a t – it a selection for the home…? The wet corners are very clean, a little small jacuzzi, 5 people about, but enough. Cuddle corners are numerous and varied. More intimate and second top-level more open. We go back very soon!

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