Man injured by exploding e-cigarette

A young Frenchman received burns to his right hand and thought he could have been disfigured after his electronic cigarette exploded in his hand.

French officials have begun an investigation after a 21-year-old man from France was left with burns when his e-cigarette blew up.

Officials are looking into what could have caused the accident that left the man with burns to his hand.

According to reports the device is believed to have exploded due to a faulty battery. However some suggest that it may have been due to the smoker tampering with the battery in an attempt to make it more powerful.

Smokers have been known to try to increase the power of e-cigarette batteries to boost the amount of vapor they produce.

The utilization of e-cigarettes in France has taken off in recent years, however thankfully cases of exploding devices remain rare.

In September last year a man was left with burns to his leg when an e-cigarette exploded in his pants pocket.

Additionally in March a Texas man said he was suing the makers of his e-cigarette after it exploded in his pocket leaving him with burns to his thighs and scrotum.

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