Visit Paris
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Millions of people visit Paris every year, to experience its grand culture, history, architecture and exquisite food. Paris has the reputation for being a City of romance, of lights, and of style. But each tourist finds their own love for the land the French have called home for hundreds of years. A Paris vacation is sure to bring out your creative side, as you experience the eclectic collection of creative artists and writers. Parisians are seen as seductive with an element of class and style, and they’re not afraid to show it! Paris is a fascinating city for travelers that come to experience it’s architectural wonder, timeless art, and French cuisine. Even the younger crowds find delight in the numerous nightlife adventures, while the more refined find top-notch shopping around every corner. Paris truly has something to offer everyone that visits.


Paris is a dense metropolitan area, which makes it fairly simple for visitors to traverse to the major sites of the city. Paris is organized into 20 districts in a spiral pattern beginning at the city center and working its way out. Walking maps are available and provide visitors a comprehensive guide of how to enjoy and explore the city. Paris is easily accessible on foot, or a quick hop on the Metro will have you zipping through the underground to sites.


Exploration is a must when visiting the city of lights. With so many things to see, its advisable to make a short list of “must do’s”  while visiting Paris. Whether visiting the Eiffel Tower, casually strolling beside the Seine River, or stopping to enjoy a local café, there are many things to occupy your time while in Paris. For the art lovers, enjoy a trip to the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay, both of which offer views of priceless collections of history. For the food connoisseur, Paris offers appetizing delights that will tempt your palate with excellence.

Paris is filled with great history behind its classic monuments. The Eiffel Tower was constructed as a universal symbol for Paris and France and was finished in 1889. Itself the centerpiece of the 1889 Exposition. Now, nearly 6 million people visit the Eiffel Tower annually. The famous Arc de Triomphe was erected to honor the men and women who fought and died for France in the French Revolution, and beneath it lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Louvre Museum houses one of the largest collections of art in the world, making it a top tourist stop. The Louvre holds classic works of art, such as the Mona Lisa and other pieces by artists such as Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer and countless others. Close by the Louvre is the Musée d’Orsay, on the left bank of the Seine, which houses art works from 1848 – 1914 with an emphasis on French Impressionism.

Among the many other architectural wonders is the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a popular Gothic inspired attraction.


The French have always been admired for their taste and style of fashion. During the 19th century Paris become know for haute couture and in order to be a successful designer one had to become part of a couture house. Paris is well known as the home of fashion, most notably of Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior.


Visit Paris Culture
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French culture is unique and complex filled with lively events a visitor can take in while visiting the city of lights. A visit to Paris would not be complete without a trip to the Palais Garnier, known for its beauty and the grand ballet performances. For the traveler interested in the cinema, the Museum of French Cinema contains one of the biggest film archives. The museums collection and memorabilia include collections from other film-producing countries. Music is part of Parisian life, where festivals and street performers populate the city streets offering lively entertainment. For the music fan, the Cite de la Musique is dedicated to music’s historical role it plays in history.

Paris has a timeless familiarity for even the first-time visitor along with grandeur inspiring communities. Paris’ cityscape is not static; it changes with the seasons and the inspiration and creativity of its inhabitants and visitors.