First photograph of a person – Paris 1839

The first photograph of a person is made at Boulevard Du Temple in Paris, France by Louis Daguerrein, early 1839.

This is a photo of a busy street but because the exposure of the picture which was extremely long, about 10 minutes, city traffic and walking people were moving too much to appear.

The exception is the man at the bottem left of the picture, who stood still and getting his shoes polished. Only he was long enough to show on this photo.

Other early pictures from Paris…

River Seine, 1920

Boxing, 1921

Ru de Seine, 1924

Cyclist, 1926

Exhibition Grand Palais, 1922

La Neige Paris, 1922

Longchamp Race course, 1926

Montmarte, 1929

Palm Sunday Paris, 1922

Place de l’Opera, 1926

Shoe shiner Paris, 1929

Train station Paris, 1929


Credits: Nationale beeldbank Paris, Wikimedia comons.

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