Rooftops go green all over France

Under a new law recently passed, the rooftops on new structures built in commercial zones in Paris and many other cities in France are required to be partially covered in plants or solar panels.

Green roofs have an isolating effect, which helps to reduce the amount of resources needed to heat and cool the building during seasonal weather conditions.

In addition this style of construction will also help to retain rainwater, which would in turn help to reduce problems with runoff, while creating biodiversity and giving wild life like birds a place to nest in busy metropolitan areas.

The law approved by parliament limited the scope of the law to commercial buildings only at this time.

The law also makes it less onerous for businesses by requiring only a portion of roofs to be covered with plants, while giving them the choice of installing solar panels to generate electricity instead.

Green roofs are popular other countries such as Germany, Australia, and Canada.

Photo by Oshokim

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