The crumbling state of Château de Monte-Cristo

The infamous home of author Alexandre Dumas needs at least 1 million euros to help this historic monument stop from falling down. The Château was described by Dumas as his own paradise on earth.

The Château has damp stains from a leaky roof, which have caused cracks to walls, and ceiling in additional to water logged foundation. If funds are not raised, the Château may fall into ruins.

Alexandre Dumas was famed for penning the Three Musketeers in 1844. After finishing the Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas’ home was completed in 1847 where he gathered 600 of his closet friends for a housewarming party.

In 1848, Dumas had squandered the fortune he made from writing and was forced to sell the estate for approximately 31,000 francs. The property was later rented to the British School of Paris in the 1950s and 60s before falling to ruin.

After a major renovation many years ago, the association that currently owns the property needs €921,000 to make essential repairs. The association is hopeful to gain the funds needed to restore this iconic property.

Photo by Renaud Camus//Flickr

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