Romantic Paris Picnic

Founder of Paris Picnic, Katya Kroupnik has been working to grow her idea of providing romantic picnics in Paris and has grown her business from three picnics a week to nearly 30 a day. The business was innovated because many shops are closed on Sundays in Paris and an idea sprang to life making wine and delightful food available for picnics.

Paris Picnic gets rid of all the tedious aspects of picnic planning so you don’t have to over think the planning process. The best part is you do not need to worry about buying and preparing the food, lugging your supplies through the city, setting up the picnic and picking up afterwards.

The team delivers the picnic to you anywhere in Paris in a little yellow Piaggio along with all the necessary utensils and a cotton picnic blanket that you can keep after your outing.

At its peak last summer, the company had ten people helping to prep the food, taking orders, and making deliveries. Kroupnik says the winning formula has been American-style customer service with French food flare.

The company also prepares tailor made packages for birthdays and even bachelorette parties, and often things get exciting when picnics are for marriage proposals, of which the company reports they had 75 last year.

Meals typically consist of organic, market-fresh food coming in four choices. The baskets choices start with “Le Classique” that includes wine, cheese, meats, salad, and desserts priced at €55 for two, or the crème do la crème, Le Chic which includes fois gras and beverage priced at €85.

Paris Picnic officially reopens for business on April 15th. If you’re in Paris check out their website here for a truly unique experience.

Photo by Alex Thomson

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