Hollande seeks an end to U.S. embargo on Cuba

While on a historic visit to Cuba on Monday, French President Francois Hollande asked for an end to the embargo the U.S has against Cuba.

Hollande stated that France would do whatever was needed to remove the trade and financial embargo that has been in place since 1962, and Hollande further stated the embargo has badly harmed Cuba’s development and with this lift it can be repealed.

Hollande who is the first French president ever visit Cuba, said his trip came at an important and uncertain time, as both the United States and the European Union seek to restore diplomatic relations with Havana.

Hollande further stated that France would do what it could to see this happen.

Since the announcement that was made in December that the United States and Cuba would move to renew ties, President Obama has used his executive authority to relax aspects of the embargo which include restrictions on travel and sending money to Cuba.

Obama has asked Congress to lift the embargo, however with both houses under Republican control; it will be an uphill political battle.

Hollande is due to meet with Raul Castro on Monday as well as to meet with Fidel Castro as well.

Hollande’s visit follows a meeting between Raul Castro and Pope Francis at the Vatican, where the Cuban leader thanked the Pope for his role in brokering the negotiations between Havana and Washington.

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