Robbers fleece Paris train passengers

What was described as a band of 20 thieves robbed passengers on RER train line on Sunday morning. This group seemed to have been well coordinated for a 5 am strike, in the southern suburbs of Paris.

Reports state the group divided into two and then proceeded to rob passengers on both the upper and lower decks of the train. The incident began as the train left the Juvisy-sur-Orge platform in Essonne, which was bound for Paris.

Amazingly it was reported that only one person has reported the incident to police, reporting her cell phone was stolen, however a news station reported that up to seven people were robbed. Police are asking for other victims and witnesses to come forward.

The RER service that links Paris to the surrounding suburbs has a reputation for being a crime hotspot.

After a robbery in 2013, security has been stepped up on the. In January, a young female was alleged to have been sexually assaulted by two men after she fell asleep while riding the RER near Paris.

A recent study reports that at least half of French people feel uncertain for their safety when using public transport.

Photo by Chris Waits//Flickr

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