Man slapped in Paris café by Trierweiler

The late companion of President Francois Hollande, has been reported to police for allegedly slapping a man in a café on Thursday.

Valérie Trierweiler and a patron of the café had a heated argument, in which the man used a disrespectful tone when asking Trierweiler for news regarding her former companion Hollande.

It was said the two had been discussing the former first lady’s memoir about her life with the president. When the man refused to apologize for his remarks, Trierweiler is said to have slapped him in the face. The man subsequently reported the matter to police, stating he was the victim of assault.

Trierweiler was said to have slapped the face of Finance Ministers Sapin’s ex-wife in September, after allegedly scratching her face and pulling her hair. She was rumored to have gone on a rampage in the Elysée Palace after learning of Hollande’s affair with actress Julie Gayet, smashing €3 million worth of property.

Under French proceedings the plaintiff will have to see a doctor to get a medical certificate stating how long he was unfit to work. If the investigation finds the alleged violence did not render him unable to work for a minimum of eight days, the complaint would be turned into a fine.

Photo by GovernmentZA//Flickr

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