Investors fall back in love with Paris

A study conducted on the best cities for foreign investors found that Paris appears to have regained economic attractiveness for foreign investors.

Paris ranked third out of 25 major cities with London and Shanghai considered the most attractive destinations for investors.

Based on a separate study, there were 368 foreign investment projects in France last year, reflecting a 32 percent rise since 2013. While the increase is encouraging, Paris has a ways to go compared to London’s 359 new investment projects and 267 for Shanghai.

Foreign investors in Paris typically come from within Europe, estimated at 51 percent, 36 percent from North America, 9 percent from Asia, and 2 percent from the Middle East.

These trends come as hope for relief for the French, because of the weakening economy. As recent as January 3.4 million people claimed unemployment. Along with the government’s recent reform to tackle unemployment, France is hopeful this will help them turn the corner.

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